Mexico Institute in the News: Regional Migration Study Group Reports Trace Economic Transformation in Mexico, Central America

In order to prepare for the Regional Migration Study Group, The Woodrow Wilson Center's Latin America Program and Mexico Institute have prepared a series of reports that examine recent economic, political, societal, and demographic changes in Central America and Mexico.

Understanding and Addressing Youth in “Gangs” in Mexico

This report defines the gang issue in Mexico, briefly describes U.S.-Mexico bilateral efforts on youth gang prevention via the Merida Initiative, and provides policy recommendations for the U.S. and Mexican governments on how to best support civil society and strengthen relevant state institutions.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexican Presidential Candidates: Change is Needed to Stop Drug Wars

Could it be that the Mexican people have finally had enough with the drug wars in Mexico? Enough to scrap the current policy of pitting the Mexican army against the drug lords and cartels? The Mexico Institute's Eric L. Olson comments.

Mexico Matters: Change in Mexico and Its Impact Upon the United States

The book consists of seven short chapters. The first positions Mexico as a fundamental issue for the United States. The second delves into the origins of the country’s current situation and choices. The third analyzes the conundrum of the nation’s politics. The fourth describes the process of decentralization that overtook the country in recent decades and what that entails for decision making. The fifth explores the economy, where it comes from and how it has performed, as well as its current dilemmas. The sixth examines the issue of security and its complexity. The book ends with a few thoughts on the stakes and opportunities looking toward the future.


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