Op-ed: Focus immigration security on official border crossings - Mexico Institute in the News

A close reading of the senators’ framework gives the impression that the next round of strengthening border security might look a lot like previous rounds. That would be a mistake. Staffing and budgets for areas between the ports of entry have doubled since 2004 and are now at a level where even major increases would produce only marginal security gains.

Mexico Institute in the News: The North American Market: A Competitive Edge That Shouldn’t Be Squandered

If there’s a golden rule for economic competitiveness, it’s this: “Always exploit your advantages.” Yet for more than a decade, the United States has systematically undermined one of its biggest – our proximity to a wealthy, resource-rich partner to the north and a developing, labor-rich partner to the south..."The State of Trade, Competitiveness and Economic Well-being in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region" by the Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson is used to explain the U.S. economic relationship with Mexico.

IMF Calls for Energy Debate - Mexico Institute in the News

Duncan Wood's remarks on the future of U.S.-Mexico relations were quoted in The News. “Looking forward to the next six years of the relationship between (the U.S. and Mexican) governments, there is the potential for an extremely fruitful relationship on energy issues.”

Building Resilient Communities in Mexico: Civic Responses to Crime and Violence

This study is part of a multiyear effort by the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Justice in Mexico Project at the University of San Diego to analyze the obstacles to and opportunities for improving citizen security in Mexico. The book offers policy options for how to foster robust civic responses to the problems of crime and violence.

Is it time for debate on the legalization of marijuana in Mexico? - Mexico Institute in the News

This article is in Spanish. Eric Olson, associate director of the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, told CNNMéxico that "there is still no resolution on the issue, so first time Mexico should not conclude that U.S. policy has changed. No we are at that point yet." • This article also appeared on and


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