Mexico Institute in the News: Maquiladora activists find themselves in Drug War crossfire

Andrew Selee, vice president for programs at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. comments. This article was also published in Fronteras Desk.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexico’s new president faces stagnant economy, ongoing drug war

Enrique Peña Nieto, the current governor of Mexico State, won with approximately 38 percent of the vote, reclaiming the presidency for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (known as PRI, for its Mexican acronym), which ruled Mexico for 71 years before the National Action Party (PAN) won in both 2000 and 2006...The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Trusted Traveler Programs Are a No Brainer – The Expert Take

In this analysis, Christopher Wilson discusses how trusted traveler and trusted shipper programs (SENTRI for individuals, FAST for shippers) facilitate vetted, safe individuals and shipments while strengthening border security.

Mexico Institute in the News: Arizona missing out on rewards

The Arizona Republic criticizes the state’s government for failing to capitalize on the international business benefits offered by its border with Mexico. In comparison, Texas has exploited the benefits of the border and its exports to Mexico greatly eclipse those of Arizona.

Education on the U.S.-Mexico Agenda? - Mexico Institute in the News (In Spanish)

A higher education initiative between the U.S.- Mexico governments can improve the relationship between the two countries. By creating a bilateral program that can facilitate the exchange of top students and professors from both countries, Mexican students could benefit from prestigious math and science programs in the United States, while American students could benefit from recognized language and cultural programs in Mexico. In the long run, this initiative could create a generation of more competitive professionals in both countries.

Report Stresses Context as Key Determinant of Latino Immigrant Integration

Context—geographic, institutional, and otherwise—plays a determinant role in Latino immigrant integration, a new report by the Woodrow Wilson Center Mexico Institute argues. The report, Context Matters: Latino Immigrant Civic Engagement in Nine U.S. Cities, examines the local factors shaping the political patterns and practices of a key bloc of the United States' fastest-growing minority.

Mexico Institute in the News: Assailed Mexican State Fires City's Police

Veracruz governor fires entire police force in city as a step to get rid of corruption.


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