Mexico Institute in the News: Four big ways Mexico is boosting the US economy

This blog article highlights a report by Christopher Wilson, an Associate of the Mexico Institute. The report shows that increased trade and investment between the U.S. and Mexico since the implementation of NAFTA has created a virtuous cycle which benefits workers and companies on both sides of the border.
Duncan Wood

Energy Reform in Mexico

Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto has proposed changing the constitution to allow private investment in Mexico’s oil industry. Is Mexico ready for such an historic move and what might the proposed reforms accomplish? To gain perspective on these and other questions, we spoke with Mexico Institute Director, Duncan Wood.

Op-ed: Mexican drug cartels less cohesive, more violent

The Mexican government, supported by U.S. intelligence, has succeeded in arresting many of the top leaders of the trafficking organizations and making it harder for them to operate. Today these groups are probably far less cohesive than they once were, but that has also made them much more violent.

Reality & Potential: How Large Can the Mexico-U.S. Border Economy Grow?

In this edition of CONTEXT, two legislative representatives from both the U.S. and Mexico provide cross-border perspectives on what can be done by both countries to enhance an already productive relationship.

Mexico Institute in the News: Questions at the border

THE border between America and Mexico is perhaps best known for the illegal trade and people passing though it. But the growth in legitimate things crossing over is the far bigger story. Last year the value of bilateral trade reached half a trillion dollars by one measure, without any fanfare at all. But a stiffening of controls since 9/11 has led to congestion and unpredictable delays that cost both countries billions of dollars a year in trade, according to a report* released this month. The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Op-ed: Re-launching the bilateral agenda - Mexico Institute in the News (In Spanish)

Secretary of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong delivered a conference at the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute. His visit coincided with the launch of the Gang of Eight's immigration reform bill.


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