Progresividad y eficacia del gasto público en México: Precondición para una política recaudatoria efectiva

This paper explores ways in which Mexico can make fiscal policy more progressive and effective. (SPANISH)

Mexico Institute in the News: For Mexican president, a long-delayed Cuba visit

Mexican President Felipe Calderon arrives in La Habana for his first official visit to Cuba. The visit comes just eight months before Calderon’s term concludes, despite a lengthy list of pending bilateral issues for the two countries.

For Biden, Mexico’s endless allure

Vice-President Joe Biden visited Mexico on Friday to inaugurate the first High Level Economic Dialogue between the two nations. Duncan Wood and Christopher Wilson write about the importance of the dialogue and the role of the vice president.

Mexico Institute In the News: "The importance of Mexico's elections"

Mexicans will go to the polls to choose a new president, new senators and federal deputies - and if opinion polls are to be believed, possibly a new governing party. A major election issue is the country's crackdown against organised crime which is now in its sixth year. It has caused violence to flare in states that are on the drug route to the US and more than 50,000 people have been killed since 2006.

As President Obama Heads to Mexico, Americans Have Mixed Views of Neighbor Across the Border

President Obama will visit Mexico on May 2, where he is expected to discuss ways to deepen US-Mexico economic relations and reinforce cultural and commercial ties between the two countries. While still plagued by issues related to organized crime, today Mexico has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and it is the United States’ second largest trading partner and third largest source of oil.

Transparency Act must socialize to work-Mexico Institute in the News

During the Meeting of Experts on Access to Information and Accountability: Perspectives in a Global Context, which took place at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington DC, argued that this right is intended to redefine the relationship of power at overall. (This article was originally written in Spanish.)

Explosion at Mexico’s Pemex HQ kills 32 - Mexico Institute in the News

“So what will the Pemex explosion mean for the national debate on energy reform? It puts Pemex firmly in the spotlight for a start,” tweeted Duncan Wood, director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson centre in Washington. “Pemex needs to be modernised from top to bottom, from exploration and production to basic practices . . . will legislators [now] recognise that Pemex has fallen behind the times?”


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