More Than Neighbors: The U.S.-Mexican Alliance

The United States and Mexico are increasingly interconnected and the Mexico Institute is working to promote mutual dialogue, most recently through its U.S.-Mexico Congressional Initiative.

Latin American Program in the News: Mexico develops southern border strategy

Associate Director Eric L. Olson discusses Mexico's approach to security along their southern border.

Mexico with great opportunities in the U.S. after Obama's reelection - Mexico Institute in the News

This article is in Spanish. Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, says Obama will seek to maintain a close relationship with Mexicans but based on the same subject that came up in the first four years: safety. • This article also appeared on and

NAFTA at 20: Success, Failure, or Something In Between?

It was going to change the world. Some said for the better and others for the worse. As we observe the 20th Anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we offer three perspectives (Canada, Mexico, US) on its successes, failures, and implications for future trade agreements.

Mexico Institute in the News: A new anti-drug strategy in Mexico?

This post recommends four possible counter-violence strategies, and cites Associate Director of the Mexico Institute Eric Olson’s recent report when it suggests that the Mexican government could target the most violent trafficking groups.


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