The Future of the University/ Universities of the Future

June 21, 2010 // 10:00am4:00pm
Inwon Choue, President, Kyung Hee University, Korea; James Duderstadt, University of Michigan; Kiyofumi Kawaguchi, Chancellor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan; John King, Vice Provost for Strategy, University of Michigan; Koïchiro Matsuura, Former Director-General, UNESCO; William Pepicello, President, University of Phoenix

The Betrayal of American Prosperity: Free Market Delusions, America's Decline, and How We Must Compete in the Post-Dollar Era

May 25, 2010 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Clyde Prestowitz Founder and President, Economic Strategy Institute; Moderator Kent Hughes, Director, Program on America and the Global Economy

America's Top Teachers Focus on Learning and Legislation

May 21, 2010 // 12:00pm1:15pm
Four Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows discussed current education-related legislation including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the America Competes Act.

Congress, the Executive Branch and the Cyber Threat

May 17, 2010 // 4:00pm6:00pm
Howard A. Schmidt, Assistant to President Barack Obama & White House Cybersecurity Coordinator; Deborah Parkinson, Professional Staff Member, Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs; Marcus H. Sachs, Verizon Communications, Director for National Security & Cyber Policy & former NSC Staff for Cyberspace Security ; Lt. Col. Forrest B. Hare, Staff, Office of Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Department of Defense

The Financial Crisis: Past, Present, and Future

April 27, 2010 // 12:00pm1:15pm
David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal and author of In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic, provides a unique analysis of the crisis and what it means for financial services reform. What went wrong at the Federal Reserve and regulatory agencies that failed to prevent the financial crisis and during the key months in which the U.S. economy almost crashed?

Empowering Faculty and Transforming Education in Pakistan

April 07, 2010 // 11:00am12:30pm
Sabiha Mansoor, Pakistan Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Professor and Dean, School of Education, Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan; Parag Khanna, Director, Global Governance Initiative, and Senior Research Fellow, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation (commentator); Hamid Kizilbash, Principal Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research (commentator)

Lecture: "Respect: Nourishing Goodness in Education"

March 25, 2010 // 5:00pm7:00pm
Lecturer Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Emily Hargroves Fisher Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Commentator James Forman, Jr., Professor of Law, Georgetown Law Center

Finding Dollars and Sense: Burma's Economic Dilemmas

March 24, 2010 // 2:30pm5:30pm
Bradley Babson, Independent Consultant; Ken MacLean, Clark University; Morten B. Pedersen, Australia National University; Sean Turnell, Macquarie University (Australia)

Saving Capitalism: Keeping America Strong

March 17, 2010 // 3:00pm4:30pm
Pat Choate Author and Director, Manufacturing Policy Project; Moderator Kent Hughes, Director, Program on America and the Global Economy

"Keep on Saving": How Other Nations Forged Cultures of Thrift When America Didn't

March 16, 2010 // 4:00pm5:30pm
Sheldon Garon, Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Dodge Professor of History and East Asian Studies, Princeton University



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