Women in Iraq: Between Fear and Freedom

The condition of Iraq's women is a litmus test of the country's movement towards civil rights and democratic governance. Anita Sharma, director of the Wilson Center's Conflict Prevention Project who spent ten months in Iraq and Jordan in 2003-04, charts the paths and pitfalls of Iraqi women's difficult journey.

Securing Development and Peace in the Niger Delta: A Social and Conflict Analysis for Change

Few regions in the world have been as unfortunate as Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta. The delta’s abundant natural wealth stands in stark contrast to its palpable underdevelopment. The oil sector accounts for approximately 95 percent of Nigeria’s export earnings and over 80 percent of federal government revenue, but for nearly two decades the delta has been mired in conflict and violence that threatens human security and the national economy.

Africa Program Distinguished Fellow Nureldin Satti Speaks at Library of Congress

OSI Distinguished African Fellow, Nureldin Satti, former UNESCO representative to Africa and former Deputy Assistant Special Representative to the Secretary General in Burundi, gave a speech at the Library of Congress on "UNESCO's Role in Building Bridges to Cultural Peace".To watch the speech, please click here.

Africa on the Move!: The Role of Political Will and Community in Improving Access to Family Planning in Africa

This paper presents a compelling study that examines factors which have propelled the change in attitudes of political leaders to champion family planning in Africa.

Combining the Skills of Diplomats and Trainers

From July 8–10, 2005, the Wilson Center's Leadership Project, in partnership with the Peacebuilding and Development Institute (PDI) of American University, Conflict Management Partners (CMPartners) and ESSEC's Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe(IRENE), held its first domestic training workshop, "Leadership and Building State Capacity: Combining the Skills of Diplomats and Trainers." This three-day workshop was held at American University in Washington, DC, and was funded by the United States Agency for International Development's Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (USAID/CMM).


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