ECSP Index

May 15, 2003
The ECSP Index collects provocative statistics and quotes from world leaders on environmental change, population dynamics, global health, poverty, and security issues. To submit information to the index, please email ECSP.

Call for Papers

May 14, 2003
The editor of the China Environment Series invites submissions for feature articles and commentaries/notes from the field for the 2004 issue.

ECSP on Washington Post Live Chat

Apr 03, 2003
ECSP Director Geoffrey Dabelko and filmmaker Hal Weiner discussed "On the Brink," the first episode in the second season of PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth" series.

Navigating Peace: Generating New Thinking About Water

Apr 01, 2003
Over one billion people lack access to adequate water. Almost two-and-a-half billion are without adequate sanitation. And two to five million people—mostly children—die every year from preventable waterborne diseases.

From the Green Revolution to the Biotechnology Revolution: Food for Poor People in the 21st Century

Mar 12, 2003
In this Director’s Forum, Rockefeller Foundation President Gordon Conway discussed ways Africa can feed its population, particularly by better utilizing science and technology.

Clearing the Air: Human Rights and the Legal Dimensions of China's Environmental Dilemma

Jan 27, 2003
Statement of Jennifer L. Turner,Senior Project Associate for the Center's Environmental Change and Security Project on the growing role of Chinese Green NGOs and environmental journalists in China to the Congressional/Executive Commission on China Issues

Reports From Johannesburg

Jan 06, 2003
In the most recent issue of the Environmental Change and Security Project's newsletter, Frederick A.B. Meyerson and ECSP Director Geoffrey D. Dabelko write on the aftermath of the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development and the prospects for future global megaconferences.

Environmental Peacemaking

Dec 01, 2002
A new book from Woodrow Wilson Center Press and The Johns Hopkins University Press that explores how environmental cooperation can be used to bolster regional peace.

ECSP at the Johannesburg Summit

Aug 27, 2002
Over 100 heads of state and government and over ten thousand delegates convened in Johannesburg, South Africa in late August and early September for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. And ECSP was there.


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