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Perspectivas Brasileiras sobre os Estados Unidos: Promover os Estudos dos EUA no Brasil

Jan 07, 2007
Co-patrocinada pelo Brazil Institute e pela Embaixada do Brasil em Washington, esta publicação bilíngüe inclui ensaios de estudiosos brasileiros sobre os Estados Unidos. É o resulto de um esforço parapromover os Estudos dos EUA no Brasil. more

Thinking Brazil 24

Nov 07, 2006
Economic Policy and Prospects for Reform: Lula's Second Administration (November 2006) more

Toward a Society under Law: Citizens and Their Police in Latin America, edited by Joseph S. Tulchin and Meg Ruthenburg

Toward a Society under Law: Citizens and Their Police in Latin America

Oct 01, 2006
Toward a Society under Law covers issues of crime and police in Latin America, with chapters on the impact of community policing, the role of advocacy networks, urban social policies and crime, and the cost of crime. It also includes case studies of police reform, community policing, Argentina’s national plan for crime prevention, and crime in Mexico City. more

Special Report 1

Sep 07, 2006
Trade and Regional Integration Initiatives in the Americas September 2006 more

Special Report 2

Sep 07, 2006
Brazil Under Lula and Prospect for the 2006 Elections September 2006 more

Thinking Brazil 23

Jul 07, 2006
Brazil's Higher Education Responses to the Challenges of the 21st Century (July 2006) more

Thinking Brazil 22

Jun 07, 2006
Brazil's President as Working Class Raposa (Fox): Understanding Lula the Politician (June 2006) more

Thinking Brazil 21

May 07, 2006
Urban Crime and Violence:Combating Citizens' Sense of Insecurity (May 2006) more

Thinking Brazil 20

Apr 07, 2006
Participitory Governance:Strengthening Democracy in Brazil April 2006 more

Thinking Brazil 19

Mar 07, 2006
Social Policy in Brazil: Public Health, Poverty, and Social Inclusion (March 2006) more



The Future of Higher Education

Mar 26, 2014Apr 02, 2014

Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.