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Argentina’s Elections in the Shadow of the Death of Alberto Nisman

Unrest continues to grow in Argentina over handling of the investigation of the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman. How will the situation affect the upcoming elections? And does the case have implications for the overall health of democracy in Argentina? Washington-based reporter, Paula Lugones provides insight and analysis in this edition of CONTEXT.

Beyond the Current Crisis: The Big Picture in Venezuela

In this Context interview, Margarita Lopez Maya, Professor Titular at the Central University of Venezuela, spoke about the events leading up to Venezuela's current state and the country as a whole.

Turmoil in Venezuela: An Update

As civil unrest continues in Venezuela, we asked Latin American Program Director, Cindy Arnson, for an update on the sometimes violent situation. She provides insight into what’s happening, the government’s response, and whether or not the situation can be resolved any time soon.