Congress Multimedia

Good Communication Anchors Our Democracy

Recent polling shows that most Americans feel that members of Congress aren't interested in what they think. This is alarming, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton, because "Good Communication Anchors Our Democracy."

Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?

Changes in how Congress operates have made it a less open, fair and democratic institution. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton worries that it may now be too late to change, and wonders, "Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?"

How to Understand Congress

Watching Congress can be frustrating for many Americans, who wonder why it takes so long to resolve things. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says that you have to know how to understand Congress.

Why Holding the Majority Matters

Many Americans don't realize that on Capitol Hill, your party's status as the majority or minority can affect everything from the rooms you meet in to whether you can offer an amendment to a bill. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton explains what underlies the intense partisanship in Congress.

To Govern Well, Return to the Basics

Polls show enormous disillusionment with our government and how it operates. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says the answer is not wholesale change.

Congress, Too, Can Set the Agenda

It is time for Congress to start learning to re-assert itself as a policy-making branch of government. Former congressman Lee Hamilton suggests that with a new president due to take office soon, "Congress, Too, Can Set the Agenda."

Transition Sets Stage for Entire Presidency

The transition is a delicate, even crucial, point in any administration, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. Today's transition is taking place in a particularly tough environment.

Congress Needs to Embrace Transparency

Secrecy in government breeds cynicism. That is why, former Congressman Lee Hamilton says, "Congress Needs to Embrace Transparency."