Education Multimedia

People to People Diplomacy

This week on Dialogue at the Wilson Center we discuss the idea of “people to people” diplomacy, particularly about the variety achieved through international exchange programs.

Is 3-D Printing a Game Changer?

David Rejeski, Director of the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program, discusses the potential of 3-D printing and digital fabrication.

The Quarterly Report: Big Questions for America’s Schools

The Wilson Quarterly’s editor Steve Lagerfeld and contributors to the current issue Peter Cookson and Thomas Toch discuss the challenges facing America’s schools.

Education Reform: A View From the Trenches

On an encore broadcast of dialogue we focus on education reform from the perspective of the classroom teacher. Host John Milewski is joined by Paul LaRue, Hugh Osborn, and Gary Rubinstein.

Democracy: Belarus and the Accidental Activist

Anatoli Mikhailov, rector of the European Humanities University and recipient of the 2007 Ion Ratiu Democracy Lecture award