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Transition Sets Stage for Entire Presidency

The transition is a delicate, even crucial, point in any administration, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. Today's transition is taking place in a particularly tough environment.

Good Communication Anchors Our Democracy

Recent polling shows that most Americans feel that members of Congress aren't interested in what they think. This is alarming, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton, because "Good Communication Anchors Our Democracy."

Why Congress Needs Institutionalists

In these politicized times, it's getting harder to find members of Congress who put the interests of the institution they serve first. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says this is troubling, and explains "Why Congress Needs Institutionalists."

Talk of America's Decline Is Overstated

In foreign policy, understanding how the long-term trajectory of world events and politics relates to present-day decisions is essential. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton discusses the major global trends impacting the next several decades.

Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?

Changes in how Congress operates have made it a less open, fair and democratic institution. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton worries that it may now be too late to change, and wonders, "Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?"

Why Ethics Should Matter to Congress

Polling shows that Americans care a great deal about the honesty of their representatives in Congress. Yet Congress allowed its ethics system to break down, and is only now starting to rebuild it.