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In Wartime, Congress Must Step Up to Check President

The decision to go to war is the most serious decision a government can make, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. Its gravity demands cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?

Changes in how Congress operates have made it a less open, fair and democratic institution. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton worries that it may now be too late to change, and wonders, "Is Fixing Congressional Procedure a Lost Cause?"

A Successful Congress Depends on Successful Leadership

As a new Congress prepares to convene in January, it faces great pressure to perform well. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says a handful of people will determine how it does, for "A Successful Congress Depends on Successful Leadership."

Toward a Nuclear-Free World

The nuclear threat which characterized the Cold War belongs to that era says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. Diminishing the legacy of that threat is necessary so that the United States and Russia can focus on moving toward the formidable challenge of achieving a nuclear free world.

Why Holding the Majority Matters

Many Americans don't realize that on Capitol Hill, your party's status as the majority or minority can affect everything from the rooms you meet in to whether you can offer an amendment to a bill. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton explains what underlies the intense partisanship in Congress.

U.S. Can Set the Stage for Global Nuclear Security

Securing nuclear weapons should be the paramount concern of U.S. foreign policy, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. No threat risks graver repercussions than the detonation of a nuclear weapon on U.S. soil.

Israel Finds Prosperity but Not Peace

Despite the challenges of achieving peace and security, Israel and its allies, among which the United States is proudly first and foremost, have much to celebrate this month. Former Congressman discusses the Jewish State's 60th anniversary.

In Congress, Change Is a Constant

Congress may not seem to change much from year to year, but in fact it is an evolving institution, and not always for the better, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton.

Russia and Georgia

The debate over who started the war between Georgia and Russia continues, but there is no doubt that Russia finished it. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton discusses the consequences of the peace.

Why Congress Needs Institutionalists

In these politicized times, it's getting harder to find members of Congress who put the interests of the institution they serve first. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says this is troubling, and explains "Why Congress Needs Institutionalists."