China Shuts Down International NGO Publication

Jul 11, 2007

On July 4, Beijing municipal police raided the Beijing office of China Development Brief, an independent publication about China's social development and civil society that has been operating since 1996. Both the English and Chinese versions of the publication have been banned following the charge of illegal publishing against the Chinese version. Nick Young, the founding editor who contributes regularly to the English edition, has been deemed guilty of conducting "unauthorized surveys" under the 1989 Statistics Law and now faces possible deportation. Over the past 27 years that international NGOs have been operating in China, this is a rare instance of such an NGO being shut down.

Please see Press Statement by Nick Young in the "See Also" box to the right.

Below are some news stories regarding the incident:

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July 11: China Shuts Down Website Popular with Western NGOs
July 11: China Shutters Nonprofit Newsletter
July 11: Inside Track: Tense Times in China

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