'Landmark' Regulation on Environmental Information Disclosure in China

Apr 30, 2007

On Tuesday April 24, China's Premier Wen Jiaobao signed China's first information disclosure regulation to go into effect May 1, 2008. This regulation covers government plans for emergencies, government spending, fees for public services and results of investigations into environmental protection, public health and food and drugs safety. It will further require local governments to publicize data on land acquisitions, residence relocations and related compensation, as well as aims to reduce corruption regarding the family planning laws. For additional information on environmental access and public participation in China see China Environment Series Issue 8.

Below are several news stories on this new regulation:

China Dialogue: "The environment needs freedom of information"

Committee to Protect Journalists: "China issues decree on government transparency"

Seattle Times: "China decree would open records, throw land seizures into dispute"

Brisbane Times: "Decree goes some way to lifting official secrecy in China"

Washington Post: "China Announces Rules to Require Government Disclosures"

China Daily: "New rules issued to require government transparency"

A Chinese version of this regulation is available at:

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