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“This work is extremely important. It gets past commonly accepted clichés about Russian voters and helps us understand much better what exactly they are thinking when they make their voting choices.”—Robert Orttung, American University, editor of Russian Regional Report

“Stimulating and valuable.”—John P. Willerton, Europe-Asia Studies

“A strong and explicitly comparative study of the relationship between federalism and accountability... should be of interest both to avid specialists on Russia's regions and to comparativists working on such subjects as federalism, parties, elections, political economy, and regime change.”—Henry Hale, Publius

Chapter List

Tables and Figures

1. Russia’s Regional Electorate: Jurors in a Corrupted Court

2. Assigning Responsibility

3. Sploshnie Vybory: A Guide to Russian Regional Executive Elections

4.The Russian Jurisdictional Voter: Evidence from Ul’ianovskaia Oblast

5. Aggregate Economic Performance and Election Outcomes

6. Russia’s Regional Executive Elections in Comparative Perspective

7. Making the Worst of a Bad Situation?

Appendix: Methods and Measures

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