Water Discussion and Workshop

October 02, 2007 // 8:30am4:30pm
Event Co-sponsors: 
Polar Initiative

The Canada Institute hosted an event with the Policy Research Initiative involving prominent academics, scientists and researches for a discussion on water, science, and policy. The workshop had two broad objectives: to share science and research among experts on various aspects of water issues, and contribute to a better understanding of the forward work agenda of researchers in Canada and the United States. Two major aspects of water policy in North America were outlined: water and climate change, and energy-water nexus.

Workshop Agenda


Host David Biette

9:00 Welcome and Introductions (David Biette)

9:15 Setting the Stage (Michael Horgan, Geoff Munro)

Session 1: Water and Climate Change

9:35 Context (Howard Alper, Chair)

9:45 State of the Science: Global Warming Impacts on North American Water Resources
-predicted future water availability and ecosystem impacts
(Jim Bruce, Bob Hirsch)

10:15 Break

10:35 Near-Term Strategies
- allocation efficiency (Rob de Loë Paper, Presentation, Backgrounder)
- efficiency technologies (Ed Osann, Chandra Madramootoo
and Isobel Heathcote)

11:10 Big Picture Options
(David Brooks, Robert Engelman)

11:40 General Discussion on Water and Climate Change
- What are the water and climate change policy issues?
- What science is needed for policy in this area?

12:10 Lunch

Session 2: The Energy-Water Nexus

1:00 Context (Heather Munroe-Blum, Chair)

1:10 The Energy-Water Nexus
- energy used in the municipal, industrial and agricultural water sectors (Chandra Madramootoo and Isobel Heathcote)
- water used in electricity production (Paul Freedman)
- water used in fuel production (Jim Bruce, Tim Miller)

1:40 Near-Term Strategies
- energy savings from water conservation and energy-saving water technologies (Alan Roberson)
- energy conservation/efficiency impacts on water use (Rick Findlay)

2:10 Break

2:30 Big Picture Options
(Rick Findlay, Tracy Mehan)

3:00 General Discussion on the Energy-Water Nexus
- What are the Energy-Water Nexus policy issues?
- What science is needed for policy in this area?

3: 30 General Discussion on Water Issues

4:20 Next Steps

4:30 Adjournment


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