Serbia Events

Blue Helmets and Black Markets: The Business of Survival in the Siege of Sarajevo

October 02, 2008 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Peter Andreas, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Brown University

Are We There Yet? Serbia's Slow Return to Europe

June 26, 2008 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Dusanka Anastasijevic, Journalist, Vreme

Serbia's October Revolution: Internal and External Factors in Serbia's Democratic Breakthrough

October 31, 2007 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Ray Jennings, Research Scholar at the Stanford University Center for Democracy Development and the Rule of Law

4th Annual Serbian-American Lecture: Of Novelty and Oblivion, What Can We Learn From Dissidents under Communism

April 10, 2007 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Aleksa Djilas, Writer, Sociologist and Historian, Belgrade, Serbia

An Analysis of Recent Serbian Elections: Will the Path to Democracy and European Integration Prevail?

February 15, 2007 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Robert Hand, Senior Staff Associate, CSCE Commission, US Congress. John Lampe, Professor of History, University of Maryland and Wilson Center Senior Scholar

Radicals Resurgent: Accounting for the SRS's Success in Serbia's 2004 Elections

November 15, 2006 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Andrew Konitzer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Austin College

"Migration" Icons: Politics and Serbian Cultural Heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina before and after 1992

November 08, 2006 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Svetlana Rakic, Associate Professor of Art, Franklin College, Indiana

Kosovo and the Future of Serbia (Reflections from a Recent Visit)

June 15, 2006 // 12:15pm1:15pm
Global Europe Program
Steven L. Burg, Professor of Political Science, Brandeis University

Live Webcast--Third Annual Serbian-American Lecture Series: The Role of Economic Cooperation in Resolving Interethnic Conflict

March 29, 2006 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Nenad Popovic, Director of the Economic Team for the negotiations on Kosovo's Status

The Position of the Serbian Orthodox Church on Kosovo

March 16, 2006 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Bishop Jovan of Sumadija (Member of the Holy Snod), Bishop Grigorije of Zahum-Herzegovina, Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan (Abbot of Decani Monastery), Hieromonk Irinej Dobrijevic, Head of Kosovo and Metohija Office of the Holy Assembly of Bishops