Brazil and the United States: Trade Agendas and Challenges of the Bilateral Relationship

October 16, 2007 // 2:00pm5:30pm
Henrique Rzezinski, President, Brazilian Section of Brazil-United States Business Council; Jason Kearns, Trade Counsel, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives; Pedro da Motta Veiga, Director, Center for Integration and Development Studies (CINDES); Maurício Mesquita Moreira, Senior Trade and Integration Economist, Inter-American Development Bank; I.M. Destler, Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Jon Huenemann, Vice President, Miller & Chevalier; Kellie Meiman, Kissinger McLarty Associates; and Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute

New Directions in Brazilian Foreign Relations

September 28, 2007 // 8:30am12:30pm
This event was held at The Brookings Institution.The Hon. Antonio Patriota, Brazilian Ambassador to the United States; Amaury de Souza, Senior Partner, MCM Associated Consultants, Rio; Mônica Herz, Director, Institute of International Relations, PUC-Rio; Riordan Roett, Director, Western Hemisphere Studies, SAIS; Eduardo Campos, Governor, State of Pernambuco; Sergio Amaral, Former Minister of Industry, Commerce & Development; Peter Hakim, President, Inter-American Dialogue; Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute; Antonio Barros de Castro, Chief-Economist, National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES);

Promoting Democracy and Rights at Work: Making a Difference

September 18, 2007 // 3:00pm5:15pm
Kari Tapiola, Executive Director, ILO; Charlotte M. Ponticelli, Deputy Under-Secretary for international affairs at the U.S. DoL; Kjeld Jacobsen, President of CUT; Helga Ying, Director, Worldwide Government Affairs and Public Policy, Levi Strauss; Ros Harvey, Global Program Manager for Better Work; Mércia Consolação Silva, Social Observatory Institute, Brazil.

Book Launch: Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes, by Gomercindo Rodrigues

September 12, 2007 // 10:00am12:00pm
Gomercindo Rodrigues, a lawyer and activist, presents a rare and personal primary account of Chico Mendes' life and the struggle for justice in the Amazon.

Breakfast Discussion with Governor Jaques Wagner

September 11, 2007 // 8:30am10:00am
Governor Wagner will discuss the domestic challenges and opportunities the Brazilian government faces in transforming the immense and unshaken popularity of President Lula into an effective political instrument to advance a stalled policy agenda with three years and three months left in his presidency.

Director's Forum with Under Secretary of State R. Nicholas Burns

August 03, 2007 // 11:00am12:00pm
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, R. Nicholas Burns, briefed the media and the policy community on current challenges and opportunities the United States faces in the Americas.

Innovation Policies and Business Strategies in Brazil

June 27, 2007 // 8:30am1:00pm
Jorge Ávila, President, National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI); Jose Goldemberg, Professor, Univesidade de São Paulo; Rob Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; Chris Hill, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University; Ricardo Camargo Mendes, Executive Director, Prospectiva Consulting; William Marandola, Executive Manager, Coinfar; Flavio Grynszpan, Consultant and former CEO, Motorola Brazil

Innovations in Urban Development: Lessons from Brazil

May 17, 2007 // 10:30am12:30pm
Teresa Caldeira, Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley; Marcia Leite Arieira,Senior Social Development Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank; Bryan McCann, Associate Professor of History, Georgetown University; Moderator: Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Strategic Scenarios and Interstate Relations in MERCOSUR

May 15, 2007 // 2:00pm5:30pm
The seminar will address current interstate relations among MERCOSUR members with a focus on the nature of recent conflicts, the strategic scenario currently unfolding, and the progress or stagnation of MERCOSUR's integration process.

Urban Crime and Violence

March 21, 2007 // 9:00am12:00pm
Diane Davis, Professor of Political Sociology, Associate Dean, School ofArchitecture and Planning, MIT; Rubem Fernandes, Anthropologist and Director of Viva Rio; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Caroline Moser,Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Washington, DC.


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