Dialogues with Mexico: Alejandro Encinas

March 05, 2010 // 8:30am10:00am
Alejandro Encinas is the leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in the Mexican lower-house Chamber of Deputies. Prior to serving in Congress, he served as Mayor of Mexico City in 2005 and 2006.

State Perspectives on Combating Violence and Trafficking Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

March 03, 2010 // 12:30pm2:00pm
John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General and Chair, Conference of Western Attorneys General; Rommel Moreno Manjarrez, Baja California Attorney General; Gary King, New Mexico Attorney General; Larry Harrington, Chief Policy Deputy Attorney General, State of Tennessee and Advisory Board Member, Mexico Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch: Police and Public Security in Mexico

February 23, 2010 // 3:00pm4:30pm
David Shirk, Professor, University of San Diego and Director, Trans-Border Institute: Robert Donnelly, Program Associate, Mexico Institute

Has Mexico Turned a Corner?

February 10, 2010 // 8:00am11:45am
POSTPONED Hon. Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan; Tim Golden, Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows Program, Former Mexico City Bureau Chief, New York Times; Barbara Kotschwar, Research Associate at the Peterson Institute for International Economics; Roberta Jacobson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Canada, Mexico and NAFTABureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the Department of State; Luis Rubio, Director General of the Center for Research and Development (CIDAC)Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center; Andrew Selee, Director, Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute; Andrés Martinez, Director, Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows Program; John Bailey, Professor, Georgetown University, Director, School of Foreign Service's Mexico Project; Alan Bersin, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs, Department of Homeland Security; Alberto Islas, Founding Partner, Risk Evaluation in Mexico City

Director's Forum Invitation: Ernesto Cordero

January 20, 2010 // 2:30pm4:00pm
Ernesto Cordero, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico

Dialogues with Mexico: Carmen Aristegui

January 20, 2010 // 11:00am12:30pm
Carmen Aristegui, Radio Noticias MVS, morning host, and "Aristegui" CNN talk show, anchor

Foreign Policy Challenges in 2010: The Developing World

January 15, 2010 // 9:00am10:30am
In the first session of a two part series, Wilson Center experts discuss policy challenges surrounding the developing world, including migration, development policy, climate change, and conflict resolution.

Regional Integration in the Americas: The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis

November 23, 2009 // 8:15am4:00pm
The Latin American Program joined with the Mercosur Economic Research Network and the Canada Institute to convene a conference on the impact of the global economic crisis on regional integration plans in the Americas.

Rethinking the U.S.-Mexico Border

November 13, 2009 // 8:00am11:00am
Andrew Selee, Director, Mexico Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center; Tonatiuh Guillén, President, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Carlos de la Parra, Professor, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; Jerrold D. Green, President, Pacific Council on International Policy, Robert Bonner, former Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Andrés Rozental, former Deputy Foreign Secretary, Government of Mexico; Roberta Jacobson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Canada and Mexico; Arturo Sarukhan, Ambassador of Mexico; Carlos Gutierrez, former Secretary of Commerce

Dialogues With Mexico: Senator Santiago Creel

October 26, 2009 // 1:15pm2:30pm
Santiago Creel Miranda, Senator, National Action Party (PAN)


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