Section 1 - The Plenums

Jul 07, 2011
The Drama of the Plenums: A Call to Arms by David Wolff ***Declassified Materials from CPSU Central Committee Plenums: Sources, Context, Highlights by Mark Kramer***Central Committee Plenums, 1941-1966: Contents and Implications by Gael Moullec ***CPSU Plenums, Leadership Struggles, and Soviet Cold War Politics by Vladislav Zubok ***Plenum Transcript Excerpts (January 1955, July 1955, March 1956, June 1957)*** Khrushchev's Second Secret Speech by Leo Gluchowski *** more

Section 2 - "This is Not a Politburo, but a Madhouse"

Jul 07, 2011
"This is Not a Politburo, but a Madhouse": The Post-Stalin Succession Struggle, Soviet Deutschlandpolitik and the SED: New Evidence from Russian, German, and Hungarian Archives by Christian Ostermann*** more

Section 3 - Yugoslavia and the Cold War

Jul 07, 2011
Yugoslavia and the Cold War by Christian Ostermann ***The Soviet Bloc and the Initial Stage of the Cold War: Archival Documents on Stalin's Meetings with Communist Leaders of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, 1946-1948 by Leonid Gibianskii ***Soviet Plans to Establish the COMINFORM in Early 1946: New Evidence from the Hungarian Archives by Csaba Békés ***Stalin's Plan to Assassinate Tito*** The Turn in Soviet-Yugoslav Relations, 1953-55 by Andrei Edemskii ***Soviet-Yugoslav Relations and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 by Leonid Gibianskii *** more

Section 4 - Deng Xiaoping and the Cold War

Jul 07, 2011
In Memoriam: Deng Xiaoping and the Cold War by David Wolff ***"Look What Chaos in the Beautiful Socialist Camp!" Deng Xiaoping and the Sino-Soviet Split, 1956-1963 by Vladislav Zubok ***Deng Xiaoping, Mao's "Continuous Revolution,"and the Path toward the Sino-Soviet Split by CHEN Jian***Deng Xiaoping's Talks with the Soviet Ambassador and Leadership, 1957-1963*** more

Section 5 - Cold War Endpoints

Jul 07, 2011
Cold War Endpoints?: Beginning the Debate by David Wolff ***When did the Cold War End? by Thomas Blanton*** Stalemate in an Era of Change: New Sources and Questions on Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Soviet/Russian-Japanese Relations by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa ***The Last Official Foreign Visit by M.S. Gorbachev as President of the USSR: The Road to Tokyo by A.S. Cherniaev *** more

Section 6 - Research Notes

Jul 07, 2011
Research Notes on Soviet Intelligence; Cuban Missile Crisis; Chinese Nuclear Testing; Poland, 1980-82; Ukraine and the Prague Spring; and, Sarajevo Archives*** more

Section 1 - The Cold War in Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa

Jul 07, 2011
Havana's Policy in Africa, 1959-76: New Evidence from Cuban Archives by Piero Gleijeses***Fidel Castro's 1977 Southern Africa Tour: A Report to Honecker***Moscow and the Angolan Crisis: A New Pattern of Intervention by Odd Arne Westad***Soviet Documents on Angola and Southern Africa, 1975-1979***Anatomy of a Third World Cold War Crisis: New East-bloc Evidence on the Horn of Africa, 1977-1978 - Introduction by James G. Hershberg***The Horn, the Cold War, and New Documents from the Former East-bloc: An Ethiopian View by Ermias Abebe***Moscow, Mengistu, and the Horn: Difficult Choices for the Kremlin by Paul B. Henze***East Germany and the Horn Crisis: Documents on SED Afrikapolitik by Christian F. Ostermann***Russian and East German Documents on the Horn of Africa, 1977-1978*** more

Section 2 - US-Soviet Relations and Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan

Jul 07, 2011
US-Soviet Relations and the Turn Toward Confrontation, 1977-1980: New Russian & East German Documents - Introduction by James G. Hershberg***Russian and East German Documents***Concerning the Situation in "A": New Russian Evidence on the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan by Odd Arne Westad***The Soviet Union and Afghanistan, 1978-1989: Documents from the Russian and East German Archives*** more

Section 3 - US-Cuban Relations and the Cold War

Jul 07, 2011
U.S.-Cuban Relations and the Cold War, 1976-1981: New Evidence from Communist Archives - Introduction by James G. Hershberg***Russian and East German Documents***Cuba as Superpower: Havana and Moscow, 1979 by Jorge I. Dominguez***A "Moment of Rapprochement": The Haig-Rodriguez Secret Talks by Peter Kornbluh*** more



The Future of Higher Education

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Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.