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Andrei Lankov

Kennan Institute

Modern Korean History
North Korea
South Korea
Russia and Eurasia
Professor of History at Koomkin University in Seoul, South Korea
Wilson Center Project(s):
Study of North Korean Documents
Dec 31, 2002
Jan 31, 2003
Former Assistant Professor, Oriental Studies Department, St. Petersburg State University
Wilson Center Project(s):
North Korea History: Soviet Advisers in North Korea 1945-62


Project Summary

A study of captured North Korean documents, housed in the National Archives, providing insight into the inner-workings of the North Korean administration and the history of its formative years (1945-50). Dr. Lankov’s study made particular note of the Russian-language materials, finding reports of trade missions, economic policy and notes on the currency reform, documents on transnational corporations, and battle orders for the North Krean Army.

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