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Dmitry Andreev

Short-Term Grant
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Candidate of History, senior lecturer, Department of Russian History of XIX-early XX, History Faculty of Moscow (Lomonasov) State Universit
Wilson Center Project(s):
Autocracy and the High Rank Bureaucracy: the conflict inside Power among the Russian Ruling Elite
Jul 01, 2002
Aug 01, 2002

Project Summary

the problem of the attitude of the high rank bureaucracy to Nicholas II and the constitution of different groups in the ruling circles; covers the period from the ascension of Nicholas II up to Manifesto of October 17; To what extent is the historiographic division of the ruling elite on the conservative traditionalists and liberal modernizers?; How was the recruitment policy of the supreme power instigated and concerned by the circles (both dynastic and bureaucratic) close to the emperor?; What was the technology of patterning of public opinion and what role does the press play?