Wilson Center Experts

Elena Vladimirovna Kudriashova

Regional Exchange Grant
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Docent, Pomor University
Wilson Center Project(s):
The Role of Women in the Political System: A Comparative Analysis of Russia, the Scandinavian Countries and the United States
Apr 01, 1998
Aug 01, 1998

Project Summary

This project links Russia’s ties to Scandanavian Countries as Russia models the status of women in its political system. Kudriashova suggests that the geopolitical placement of Russia has contributed to its relatively rapid growth of women’s political activity. She attributes this to the regional economies (fishing) and the attention that town meetings gave to women’s issues in addition to the transfer of influence from successful Scandinavian women visiting the northwestern region of Russia, and attempts a cross-examination with the development of (and literature on) women’s roles in America.