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Ernst W Kux

Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Professor, Saint Gall Graduate School of Economics, Law, Business and Public Administration
Wilson Center Project(s):
Revolution in Communist Systems
Sep 01, 1991
Aug 01, 1992

Project Summary

A comparative study of changes in communist countries, tracing their origins, political and social development, and impact of the West in these countries. Kux asks, What are the prospects for the peoples who are now turning to democracy and the market? What are the consequences of the revolutionary changes in the East for the West?

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Oct 01, 1985- Oct 31, 1985. Guest Scholar. Gorbachev’s Revolutionary Changes: An analysis of the transition period since Gorbachev’s assumption of power in the Soviet Union. This project assesses the succession-struggle following Brezhnev’s death, and their affects on policy, with a parituclar focus on international policy.

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