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Irina Gennadievna Dezhina

Former Galina Starovoitova Fellow on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
Kennan Institute

Contact Information:
T (202) 691-4082 // F (202) 691-4001
United States
Russia and Eurasia
Head of Economics of Science and Innovation Policy Division, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences
Wilson Center Project(s):
Emerging civil society in Russian science: Parallels with and impact of the United States
Apr 08, 2013
Jul 08, 2013

Irina Dezhina's research interests are focused on modern Russian science policy and creation of the national inovation system. Her project at the Kennan Institute breaks away from the traditional focus on politics and society in civil society by reorienting attention to the sciences, a domain that has been shadowed by more public displays of civic identity.

Project Summary

The goals of the proposed project are to study conditions for development of civil society institutes in science and to suggest, based on critical analysis of American experience, possibilities for adaptation of principles, approaches and measures encouraging growth of civil society in Russian science. Originality: there are almost no studies of civil society in the context of institutional structure of Russian science.

The project includes, first, study of evolution and current operations of institutes of civil society in American science that set a model for Russian newly established research societies; second, the analysis of the role of American foundations and international organizations in promoting civil society in science. Based on research findings the scope of adaptability of the U.S. experience to Russian practice will be assessed.

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Regional Exchange Grant, 9/3/1994-12/3/1994. "State Science and Technology Programs in USA and Russia: a comparative analysis of types, organizational structure, expenditures, and results." Comparison of the systems of planning, organization, implementation and assessment of large-scale federal science and technology programs in Russia and the USA research the best directions for science and technology collaboration between the USA and Russia by analyzing the mechanisms of development of science and technology programs.

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