Wilson Center Experts

Robert F. Byrnes

Short-Term Grant
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, Indiana University
Wilson Center Project(s):
The Kliuchevskii School under Soviet Rule, 1917-1952
Jul 01, 1998
Aug 01, 1998

Project Summary

Study of students of Kliuchevskii, whom many consider Russia’s greatest historian. Analysis of the lives of Kliuchevskii’s students will illustrate changing Soviet policies toward history and historians and demonstrate how these men survived the constraints and torments all scholars endured under Stalin, while preserving and advancing to the first generations of Soviet historians Kliuchevskii’s principles and approach to history.

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Jun 1, 1985 - Jul 1, 1985: Vasilii O. Kliuchevskii: His Life and Thought