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Sergei Aleksandrovich Baburkin

Galina Starovoitova Fellows on Human Rights and Conflict Re
Kennan Institute

United States
Russia and Eurasia
Professor, Department of History, Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University
Wilson Center Project(s):
USA and Russia’s Military Securit After the Cold War: Public Debate and Political Discussions
Feb 29, 2000
Sep 01, 2000

Project Summary

comparative analysis of the processes of adjustment in the United States and Russia, former main adversaries in the Cold War, now experiencing perhaps the deepest changes in their military policies.; What issues are in the center of the professional discussions?; What are the main trends of the political debates on these issues in both countries?; What are the implications for the USA-Russian relations, regional and global security?

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Wilson Center Project(s): The Changing Role of Military Force in Russia’s and US Foreign Policy: Prospects for Cooperative Security and Military Collaboration Term: Jul 01, 1995 - Nov 30, 1995 . Project Summary evolution of Russian and American Approaches to the use of military force in their foreign policies after the end of the Cold War.; focus on the theoretical and political discussions, doctrinal changes, their practical implementation in specific military operations abroad and the reflection of these issues in public opinion