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Tadeusz Swietochowski

Former Short-Term Scholar
Kennan Institute

Middle East and North Africa
Russia and Eurasia
Senior Fellow, Harriman Institute
Wilson Center Project(s):
Russia and Divided Azerbaijan
Jun 01, 1988
Jun 01, 1988

Project Summary

Deals with the borderland of the Soviet union and Iran inhabited by Turkic speaking Muslims. Determines what gave rise to Pan-Azerbaijanism, the movement for some form of unity of the two parts of the country divided by the Turjmanchai frontier, and the interaction of Pan-Azerbaijanism with the policies of Russia. Reviews Russia’s policy toward Iran (and the Middle East) and Azerbaijani national aspirations.

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Sep 01, 1980 - May 01, 1981 - Woodrow Wilson Fellow "Russian Azerbaijan, 1905-1920: The Emergence of a Nation"; Jul 01, 1979 - Aug 01, 1979 - Short Term Scholar "Russian Azerbaijan 1906-1920: The Rise of a Nation"

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