American elections have impact on Brazil and the world

Eleições americanas têm impacto no Brasil e no mundo

Jul 20, 2012

Brazil Institute director Paulo Sotero was a guest on Brazil's nationally broadcasted weekly program Globo News Painel on the 2012 US presidential elections and its impact abroad. The most watched Globo News program, Painel is hosted by Globo Television news anchor William Waack. The one-hour program, modeled on the Sunday morning news shows of American television, is broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday evening. The panel of the program on the US elections included former Brazilian ambassador to the US, Roberto Abdenur, currently president of ETCO, the Brazilian Institute for Corporate Ethics, and Alexandre Fuccille, professor at Facamp, a prestigious business and international relations school in the city of Campinas.

Watch the interview on video here...

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