CEF Working with EPA on New Environmental Law in China Webpage

Dec 03, 2007

CEF is one of the partners in the new EPA China Environmental Law Initiative Website. EPA News Release below:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Environmental Protection in China Gets Legal Support from New Web Site

Contact: Dave Ryan, (202) 564-4355 / ryan.dave@epa.gov.

(Washington, D.C. - Nov. 30, 2007) In an effort to strengthen the legal framework for environmental protection in China, EPA launched the EPA - China Environmental Law Initiative Web site. The Web site, announced by EPA General Counsel Roger R. Martella, will provide a forum for sharing information and fostering an ongoing dialog with China on environmental law.

China suffers severe environmental problems. Strengthening environmental laws and their implementation are seen as vital steps in improving the environment in China.

'We've learned in the United States you can't have a strong environment without strong environmental laws,' Martella said. 'The Chinese government and people have expressed a commitment to a stronger environment, and we expect that this initiative will help China realize that goal, while helping Americans better understand China's environmental laws.

EPA is undertaking this project in Web partnership with a broad range of experts in Chinese environmental law. Collaborators in this project include the Environmental Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Woodrow Wilson Center China Environment Forum, the University of Maryland Environmental Law Program, and the George Washington University Law School.

The Web site features information on new developments in Chinese environmental law, links to legal resources such as reports, articles, and the English text of many Chinese environmental laws, and an e-mail update service.

The URL for the Web site is:

Portions of the Web site have been translated into Chinese and are available on the EPA Chinese Portal:

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