A Central American expert explains the root causes of the migrant crisis


Jul 21, 2014


"There needs to be an effort to multiply those kinds of community-based efforts sometimes by a factor of 10, or 50, or even 100 before they show real traction" 


"I'm definitely sympathetic to the argument that there has to be a legal path to migration, or people will continue to come to the US illegally. Family members that have been in the US for years want to reunite with other family members, including children. There are not sufficient visas to allow those people to come. Legally there is no path to citizenship, currently, to deal with anything close to nearly 11 million people that are estimated to be undocumented in the US. The vast majority of them, over 70 percent, come from Mexico or Northern Triangle countries, and until we are able to fix that - including allowing people to go home and then come back, to recreate the circularity that has characterized earlier immigration systems, particularly with Mexico - it's going to be very difficult to come to some permanent solution to the problem." 

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