Latin American Program in the News: Amid Growing Spying Scandal, US Allies in Region Join Chorus of Discontent

By the Miami Herald

Jun 26, 2013


Such strong rebukes from some of the United States’ closest allies in the region are sign that “this is a crisis,” even if the allegations prove to be untrue, said Cynthia Arnson, the director of the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

In countries like Argentina, Chile and Brazil “that made the transition from military dictatorships to democracy, the issue of wiretapping, spying and intelligence activities strike a very raw nerve,” she said. “The whole thing is very troubling in the region because of the weight of the historical legacy, particularly during the Cold War.”

The tensions come after Brazil’s O Globo newspaper reported that the United States had been engaged in mass surveillance of telephone and Internet communications throughout the hemisphere.


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