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“Krist has obviously put together a scholarly work displaying a very broad understanding of the ‘whys and wherefores’ of U.S. trade agreement history.”—Ambassador Michael Smith, retired foreign service officer, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

“I would rate this work as very important and needed. The reader is given a very good understanding of post-World War II policies and the global context in which they have functioned.”—Ambassador Alan Wolff, international trade lawyer, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

“Foreign trade negotiations, an aspect of foreign policy as well as economic policy, have become enormously complicated, and the resulting agreements, extremely complex.… Krist, a former U.S. trade negotiator, provides a useful primer on current world trade rules, structures and negotiations.”—Richard Cooper, Foreign Affairs

“The history of specific trade arrangements and their geopolitical context are crisp and contain useful narratives.… Recommended.”—Choice

Chapter List



1. U.S. Trade Policy in Crisis

2. America’s Trade Agreements

3. Trade Agreements and Economic Theory

4.Trade Agreements and U.S. Commercial Interests

5. Foreign Policy: The Other Driver

6. Economic Development: A Missed Opportunity

7. Uneasy Neighbors: Trade and the Environment

8. The Labor Dilemma

9. The Way Forward

Appendix: Backgrounds of U.S. Trade Representatives

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