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“The publication takes a multidisciplinary approach and has inputs from political science, history, economics, international relations and security studies.… The book also focuses on the broader international contexts for the bilateral relations between China and India.”—Indus Business Journal

“[A]n important book…should be read by policy-makers”—Arnold Beichman, Sunday Times, Washington DC

“This excellent collection…fills a gap in the literature on Asia’s international relations.… Highly recommended.”—Choice

Chapter List

Ambassador Winston Lord and Ambassador Frank G. Wisner

Part I. Historical Overview
1. Introduction
Francine R. Frankel
2. Perception and China Policy in India
Steven A. Hoffmann
3. One-Sided Rivalry: China's Perceptions and Policies toward India
Susan Shirk

Part II. Dimensions of the India-China Relationship
4. India and China: Border Issues, Domestic Integration, and International Security
Sumit Ganguly
5. China and India in Asia
Ashley J. Tellis
6. The Nuclear and Security Balance
George Perkovich
7. Economic Reforms and Global Integration
T.N. Srinivasan
8. Convergent Chinese and Indian Perspective on the Global Order
James Cladd
9. Quiet Competition and the Future of Sino-Indian Relations
Mark W. Frazier

Part III. Implications for the United States
10. The Evolution of the Strategic Triangle: China, India, and the United States
Harry Harding

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