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“Invaluable to understanding how dyadic relations across Northeast Asia are evolving and are likely to do so in the next decade or more.”—T. J. Pempel, University of California, Berkeley

“A seminal work of superb scholarship, National Identities and Bilateral Relations: Widening Gaps in East Asia and Chinese Demonization of the United States is highly recommended for governmental and academic library International Studies Reference collections and contemporary East Asia Political Science Studies supplemental reading lists.”—James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

Chapter List

Part I. Bilateral Relations and National Identities within East Asia

Introduction: Conceptualizing National Identity Gaps 
Gilbert Rozman

1. The Search for a Japanese National Identity by Foreign Service Officials 
Kazuhiko Togo

2. National Identities and South Korea–Japan Relations 
Cheol Hee Park

3. National Identities and Sino-Japanese Relations 
Ming Wan

4. National Identities and Sino–South Korean Relations 
Scott Snyder and See-Won Byun

5. The Rediscovery of the Tianxia World Order 
Yongnian Zheng

Part II. National Identity Gaps and the United States

Introduction: The U.S. Factor and East Asian National Identity Gaps
Gilbert Rozman

6. East Asian National Identities and International Relations Studies
Gilbert Rozman

7. Chinese National Identity and East Asian National Identity Gaps
Gilbert Rozman

8. Chinese National Identity and the Sino-U.S.Civilizaitonal Gap 
Gilbert Rozman

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