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Chapter List

Foreword: A Second American Century
Thomas S. Foley

Robert L. Hutchings

Part I. The American Foreign Policy Tradition
1. Searching for the Soul of American Foreign Policy
Jonathan Clarke
2. Exemplary America versus Interventionist America
H. W. Brands
3. Rethinking Cold War History: A Roundtable Discussion
John Lewis Gaddis
4. The American Century and Its Discontents
Joseph Duffy

Part II. The Changing Shape of International Politics
5. World Politics in the Twenty-first Century
Robert L. Hutchings
6. An Anarchic World
Robert D. Kaplan
7. The United States in a Turbulent World
James N. Rosenau
8. Strategy and Ethics in World Politics
J. Bryan Hehir

Part III. The United States in the Global Economy
9. A New International Economic Order?
W. Bowman Cutter
10. The New Mercantilism: Where Is Business Leading Our Foreign Policy?
Michael F. Oppenheimer
11. A New Protectionism? Tariffs versus Free Trade
Alfred E. Eckes, Jr.

Part IV. American Foreign Policy in the Post–Cold War Era
12. Challenges Approaching the Twenty-first Century
Samuel R. Berger
13. The Internationalism Temptation
Ronald Steel
14. Searching for a New Domestic Consensus
Milton Morris
15. Building Domestic Constituencies for Global Action
Timothy E. Wirth

Afterword: A New Paradigm of Shared Prosperity through Partnership
Carol Moseley-Braun

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