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“The real contribution of the book lies in the masterful way the author brings together the large complex of issues and trends in the transatlantic relationship in a comprehensive and understandable way. The author provides an excellent and balanced survey of the key trends and fissures between North America and Europe without falling into an unrealistic pessimism. He also brings together an impressive amount of both primary and secondary source material in a well-organized and readable style.”—Stephen Szabo, Executive Director, Transatlantic Academy

“What makes this book interesting is the combination of economic, security, and foreign policy considerations as a way to analyze the current state of the Atlantic alliance. It is in this context that it presents an interesting normative approach to the crisis in transatlantic relations prompted by the war in Iraq.”—Dieter Dettke, former U.S. Representative and Executive Director, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Chapter List


Abbreviations and Acronyms

1. Setting the Stage

2. The Structural and Political Legacy: The Impact of the New International Order and the Bush Presidency on Transatlantic Relations

3. The Changing Transatlantic Agenda

4. The Geopolitical Dimension: The Transatlantic Community in a Multipolar World

5. The Geostrategic Dimension: Crisis Management in the Broader Middle East and North Africa

6. The Geoeconomic Dimension and Other Global Challenges

7. Conclusion: Toward a Pragmatic Transatlantic Relationship

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