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Can You Balance the Federal Budget Better than a Politician?

Think you can balance the federal budget? Budget Hero turns you into the budget czar. Wade through the budget with the swagger of a trailblazer. Hack away at government pork and make your own decisions about health care, military spending, or environmental protection. Choose one to three “badges” that reflect your political values. Then try to earn these badges by choosing from more than 70 policy options. The game is built on the Congressional Budget Office model, which incorporates pro and con arguments for each policy, drawn from dozens of sources, and vetted to ensure the game is nonpartisan. See how long it takes before your budget goes bust and share your results with friends via Facebook or Twitter. Keep an eye out for a special Election Edition to be released this fall!

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Teaching economics can be difficult, let alone trying to teach about the complexities of the federal budget. But a challenging online game makes civics and economics accessible and fun. And, it’s free! Budget Hero lets students try to balance the federal budget. It’s nonpartisan and loaded with facts and figures from the Congressional Budget Office, all on colorful policy cards. This teacher site includes lesson plans and other resources, and provides an online community for teachers and students who are playing the game.

Budget Hero

Have you ever wanted to control where your tax dollars go? This is your chance to decide.
See how your priorities line up with the realities of managing billions of dollars of federal spending. You’ll be faced with tough decisions as you attempt to align your policy choices with your values, navigating your way to a (hopefully) stable financial future beyond the 2012 election. Play on!

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Budget Hero Weekly Report: See what we’re learning from the data

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