Choke Point: China/中国之瓶颈:水匮乏与能源需求

Since November 2010, researchers at Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum have conducted research and reporting to examine how energy development is impacting water resources in China. The findings, presented in text, photographs, and interactive graphics on the Circle of Blue website (see links to 12 stories below), provide compelling evidence of a potentially ruinous confrontation between growth, water, and fuel that is readily visible in China and virtually certain to grow more dire over the next decade. Choke Point: China, though, is not a narrative of doom and gloom. China has enacted and enforced a range of water conservation and efficiency measures that work. From 1995 to 2010, the total amount of water used in China increased by roughly 15 percent even as the economy grew eightfold.

The growing collection of multi-media Choke Point: China articles aim to promote discussion on the oft-overlooked energy-water choke points that China is facing and stimulate thinking on opportunities for international collaboration to address them.

Choke Point: China is a joint Circle of Blue/China Environment Forum project made possible by Energy Foundation and additional support from Vermont Law School, USAID, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Blue Moon Fund and the Alpern Foundation.

The Big Picture of China’s Energy-Water Choke Points



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