Conference Reports

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Issues in this Series

Youth Explosion in Developing World Cities: Approaches to Reducing Poverty in an Urban Age

Cities have transformed into magnets for those seeking a promise of a better life. Yet, rapid urbanization in the 20th century left the majority on the fringes of urban society with limited access to basic services, employment, and housing. Youth are perhaps those most affected by this urban transformation. In these conference proceeding, contributors review the importance of highlighting youth on the policy agenda, reducing the alienation that many youth feel, empowering youth through inclusive employment strategies, and taking heed of the particular needs of urban street children.

Democratic Governance and Urban Sustainability

In these proceedings, scholars review a more than ten-year debate on urban governance in the context of unprecedented population growth in the cities of the developing world. Contributors examine the growth of civil society and the role of women in relation to urban governance, the networks necessary to create healthy cities and the future of urban form. Additionally, this report confronts the relationships between decentralization, privatization, regional planning, and governance.

Building Healthy Cities: Improving the Health of Urban Migrants and the Urban Poor in Africa

At a workshop co-sponsored by CUSP and the Centre for Basic Research in Kampala, Uganda, it became dreadfully clear that urban areas in Africa are unprepared to accommodate the population growth expected in the coming years. The limited health infrastructure, the high cost of care, and the lack of adequate housing and sanitation services have already created nothing less than a health crisis. Through case studies of African cities, contributors demonstrate that local governments will need to ensure the delivery of basic urban services, promote health awareness, and reduce air and water pollution in order to improve the health of the urban poor in Africa.

Urban Governance Around the World

The workshop summarized in this report represents an attempt to initiate an international conversation about those issues that lie at the heart of the urban governance conundrum. The challenges confronting the world's cities are staggering; population growth rates have reached unprecedented rates, the numbers of urban poor continue to grow, and environmental dangers persist. Yet, participants agreed that the inventiveness and energy of urban residents and managers provide grounds for hope.

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