Decentralization Bulletins

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Decentralization and Democracy: A Continuing Challenge for Venezuela

Gary Bland
This report results from a seminar held on June 13, 2002 that discussed decentralization and democratic governance in relation to Venezuela.

Decentralization in Argentina: New Approaches to Municipal Governance

Andrew Selee
This report is a result of a meeting held in Buenos Aires on November 8-9, 2001 to discuss the new approaches to municipal government following increased decentralization in Argentina.

Decentralization in Guatemala: The Search for Participatory Democracy

Gary Bland
This report results from a forum held on July 26, 2001 to facilitate discussion on the process of decentralization with respect to the creation of a participatory democracy.

Decentralization in Brazil: Urban Democratic Governance and Development

Gary Bland
This publication summarizes a workshop from November 5-6, 2001 that discussed democratic governance and development in an urban setting, particularly in the Brazilian context.

Decentralization, Civil Society, and Democratic Governance

Philip Oxhorn
This is a report on a conference held on February 20-21, 2001 in which eleven researchers presented papers on the experience with decentralization in their own countries.

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