Thinking Brazil

2000-2007 issues of our electronic newsletter focusing on current and critical matters in Brazilian public and international policies, as well as on the research conducted by Institute scholars.

Issues in this Series

Thinking Brazil 25

Basic Education in Brazil: What's Wrong and How to Fix It (February 2007)

Thinking Brazil 24

Economic Policy and Prospects for Reform: Lula's Second Administration (November 2006)

Thinking Brazil 23

Brazil's Higher Education Responses to the Challenges of the 21st Century (July 2006)

Thinking Brazil 22

Brazil's President as Working Class Raposa (Fox): Understanding Lula the Politician (June 2006)

Thinking Brazil 21

Urban Crime and Violence:Combating Citizens' Sense of Insecurity (May 2006)

Thinking Brazil 20

Participitory Governance:Strengthening Democracy in Brazil April 2006

Thinking Brazil 19

Social Policy in Brazil: Public Health, Poverty, and Social Inclusion (March 2006)

Thinking Brazil 18

Political Corruption in Brazil The Mensalão Scandal and the Future of the PT (March 2006)

Thinking Brazil 17

Race, Inequality and Education: Challenges for Affirmative Action in Brazil and the United States (April 2005)

Thinking Brazil 16

Setting a Course for Equality Guaranteed Minimum Income in Brazil (March 2005)

Thinking Brazil 15

Regional Integration in the Amazon Moving forward with the ACTO (March 2005) Video of this event is now available online

Thinking Brazil 14

Brazil Under Lula: Domestic and Foreign Perceptions (December 2004)

Thinking Brazil 13

Cardoso Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Transitions from Authoritarian Rule (December 2004)

Thinking Brazil 12

Brazil - United States Relations: 2004 and Beyond (December 2004)

Thinking Brazil 11

Legislatures, trade and Integration Regional Initiatives in the Americas (August 2004)

Thinking Brazil 10

Trade Agreements in the Americas Mercosur and the Creation of the FTAA (March 2004)

Thinking Brazil 9

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability Brazil's Next Agricultural Revolution (February 2004)

Thinking Brazil 8

Race and Social Inequality: Color, Class and Culture in Brazil and the US (August 2003)

Thinking Brazil 7

Brazil - U.S. Bilateral Relations: A Dynamic Agenda for the 21st Century (June 2003)

Thinking Brazil 6

Brazilian Environmental Policy Under Lula: Balancing Priorities (May 2003)

Thinking Brazil 5.2

75 Days Under Luis Inácio Lula da Silva: Progress and Prospects (April 2003)

Thinking Brazil 5.1

Land Reform Heats Up & Argentina Melts Down (March 2002)

Thinking Brazil 4.2

Brazil Elects a New President: What Lies ahead for Lula (November 2002)

Thinking Brazil 4.1

Latin America’s Giant Forced to Address Causes and Consequences of Energy Crisis (November 2001)

Thinking Brazil 3.2

Race Relations in Brazil and the US: Diversity in Perspectives (August 2002)

Thinking Brazil 3.1

Brazil’s Challenges and Prospects: The Inaugural Meeting of the Working Group on Brazil (November 2000)

Thinking Brazil 2.2

Brazilian Presidential Race, 2002: Will Lula clear the hurdles ahead? (May 2002)

Thinking Brazil 2.1

The United States and Brazil: Strategic Partners or Regional Competitors? (August 2000)

Thinking Brazil 1.2

Mega Cities and the Process of Planning (May 2002)

Thinking Brazil 1.1

The Brazilian Defense System [PORTUGUESE] (August 2000)

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