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Trade and environmental interests of all countries, including the United States, are global in nature, and increasingly interrelated. In an ecologically and economically integrated world, coherent global frameworks for both trade and environment policy that work together in a complementary way are needed to ensure sustainable development.

Issues in this Series

The WTO and MEAs: Time for a Good Neighbor Policy

William Krist
The WTO and MEAs are neighbors in the world legal community, and need to better define their relationship so that they can operate in mutual support and harmony, writes William Krist in this policy brief.

Making Doha a Developmental Round: What do the Developing Countries Want?

William Krist
This paper looks at the key objectives of the least-developed countries in multilateral trade negotiations, as well as of developing countries broadly, since understanding the least-developed countries’ objectives is a critical step to restarting the stalled negotiations.

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