ECSP Report 5: Reviews of New Publications

David Dessler, Colin Kahl, Simon Dalby, Stacy D. VanDeveer, Nina Græger, Leif Ohlsson, Carlos F. Lascurain, Dean Caras, Michael K. Vaden, Kate O’Neill, David Jacobstein, Karin Mueller, Jessica Powers, and Moushumi Chaudhury

Experts review new publications:

  • The Environment, Scarcity, and Violence, by  Thomas F. Homer-Dixon (1999). Reviewed by David Dessler.
  • Contested Grounds: Security and Conflict in the New Environmental Politics, edited by Daniel H. Deudney and Richard A. Matthew (1999). Reviewed by Colin H. Kahl.
  • Environment, Scarcity and Conflict: A Study of Malthusian Concerns, by Leif Ohlsson (1999). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.
  • Environmental Change and Security: A European Perspective, edited by Alexander Carius and Kurt M. Lietzmann (1999). Reviewed by Stacy D. VanDeveer.
  • Security: A New Framework for Analysis, by Barry Buzan, Ole Wæver and Jaap de Wilde (1998). Reviewed by Nina Græger.
  • Water and Population Dynamics: Case Studies and Policy Implications, edited by Alex de Sherbinin and Victoria Dompka (1998). Reviewed by Leif Ohlsson.
  • Resolving Environmental Conflict: Towards Sustainable Community Development, by Chris Maser (1996). Reviewed by Carlos F. Lascurain.
  • Ecoviolence: Links Among Environment, Population, and Security, edited by Thomas Homer-Dixon and Jessica Blitt (1998). Reviewed by Dean Caras.
  • The World’s Water 1998-1999: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources, by Peter H. Gleick (1998). Reviewed by Michael K. Vaden.
  • The Corporate Planet: Ecology and Politics in the Age of Globalization, by Joshua Karliner (1997) and Green Backlash: Global Subversion of the Environmental Movement, by Andrew Rowell (1996). Reviewed by Kate O’Neill.
  • Plan & Conserve: A Source Book on Linking Population and Environmental Services in Communities, by Robert Engelman (1998). Reviewed by David Jacobstein.
  • Population Reports, A series of reports published by the Population Information Program of the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. Reviewed by Karin I. Mueller.
  • Which World? Scenarios for the 21st Century, by Allen Hammond (1998). Reviewed by Jessica Powers.
  • Economic Globalization and Political Stability in Developing Countries, by Nicolas van de Walle; The New Security Thinking: A Review of the North American Literature, by Ann M. Florini and P.J. Simmons; and Poverty, Inequality, and Conflict in Developing Countries, by Joan M. Nelson (1998). Reviewed by Moushumi Chaudhury.


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