ECSP Report 6: Reviews of New Publications

Simon Dalby, Leif Ohlsson, Shlomi Dinar, Ariel Dinar, Shanda Leather, Jessica Powers, Kate O’Neill, Simona Wexler, Clair Twigg, Karin Mueller, and Joseph P. Dudley

Experts review new publications:

  • Environmental Change, Adaptation, and Security, edited by  Steve C. Lonergan (1999). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.
  • Ecology, Politics, and Violent Conflict, edited by Mohamed Suliman (1999). Reviewed by Leif Olhsson.
  • Hydropolitics in the Third World: Conflict and Cooperation in International River Basins, by Arun P. Elhance (1999). Reviewed by Ariel Dinar and Shlomi Dinar.
  • Violence Through Environmental Discrimination: Causes, Rwanda Arena, and Conflict Model, by Günther Baechler (1999). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.
  • The Sustainability Challenge for Southern Africa, edited by Jim Whitman (1999). Reviewed by Shanda Leather.
  • Nature’s Place: Human Population and the Future of Biological Diversity, by Richard P. Cincotta and Robert Engelman (2000). Reviewed by Jessica Powers.
  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Implementing the Precautionary Principle, edited by Carolyn Raffensperger and Joel Tickner (1999). Reviewed by Kate O’Neill.
  • Promoting Reproductive Health: Investing in Health and Development, edited by Shepard Forman and Romita Ghosh (2000). Reviewed by Simona Wexler.
  • Population and the World Bank: Adapting to Change (1999). Reviewed by Clair M. Twigg.
  • Coastal Waters of the World: Trends, Threats, and Strategies, by Don Hinrichsen (1998). Reviewed by Karin Mueller.
  • Life Out of Bounds: Bioinvasion in a Borderless World, by Chris Bright (1998). Reviewed by Joseph P. Dudley.


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