Hong Kong Conference Report: Sections 2-4 (English)

Jennifer L. Turner, Fengshi Wu, Wei Chieh Lae, Chen Qing, Plato K.T. Yip, Liang Congjie, Chung Ming-kuang, and Sannie Chan Lit Fong

Section II: NGO Networking and Partnering

  • Networking and Partnering Strategies of NGOs in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
  • The Green Citizen Action Alliance and the Anti-Nuclear Movement in Taiwan
  • Building Local Partnerships: the South-North Institute for Sustainable Development
  • The Changing Style of Environmental NGOs in Hong Kong

Section III: NGO Environmental Education Methods

  • Editor Commentary: The Environmental Education Priorities in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
  • Friends of Nature and the Tibetan Antelope Bus
  • Meinung: Starting from a Small Village
  • Preserving Tradition and Promoting Environmental Education

Section IV: Green NGO Capactiy Building

  • Overview of Day Two at the Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum
  • Small-Group Discussions: Member Management, Public Mobilization, and Fundraising


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