Latin American Program in the News: Chavez vs. Capriles: Stark choice for Venezuela's independent voters

2/29/12, Christian Science Monitor

Feb 29, 2012


Roberto Briceño-Leon, a professor at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas and a fellow at theWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars inWashington, D.C., says he sees these independents as a third, distinct electoral group, spanning all social sectors. Among the poor, who traditionally have supported Chávez, nonaligned voters outnumber either Chávez or opposition supporters, his survey found.

"I think that whoever gets the support of the nonaligned will win the election," Mr. Briceño-Leon says. "But many [might] not vote in the election. One of the big challenges for both the opposition and government is to attract them to vote."


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