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Current Wilson Center Experts

Alexandrani, Ismail, Visiting Arab Journalist
Altman, Lawrence K., Senior Scholar
Amoako, K.Y., Global Fellow
Aras, Bulent , Global Fellow
Armstrong, Charles, Global Fellow
Arnson, Cynthia, Director, Latin American Program
Asano, Toyomi , Fellow
Badran, Margot, Senior Scholar
Bash, Jeremy, Global Fellow
Basombrío, Carlos, Global Fellow
Bell, Ruth Greenspan, Public Policy Scholar
Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit, Public Policy Scholar
Biette, David, Director, Canada Institute
Blumenfeld , Laura , Public Policy Fellow
Brady, Anne-Marie, Global Fellow
Burki, Shahid Javed, Senior Scholar
Campbell, Don, Canada Institute Advisory Board Member
Campbell, Tim, Global Fellow
Cardenas Batel, Lazaro, Senior Scholar
Cincotta, Richard, Global Fellow
Cloud, Donald , Air Force National Defense Fellow
Cross, Sharyl, Global Fellow
Daly, Robert, Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States
Dammert, Lucía , Global Fellow
David, Zdenek, Senior Scholar
De Souza, Roger-Mark, Director of Population, Environmental Security and Resilience, Wilson Center
Demszky, Gabor, Global Fellow
Dratwa, Jim, Global Fellow
Esfandiari, Haleh, Director, Middle East Program
Fardella, Enrico , Global Fellow
Feller, Gordon, Global Fellow
Friedman, Kathryn, Global Fellow
Garipov, Ruslan, George F. Kennan Scholar
Garzón, Juan Carlos, Global Fellow
Geary, Michael , Global Fellow
Goldberg, Jeffrey, Distinguished Fellow
Goldstone, Jack, Fellow
Goulty, Alan, Global Fellow and Co-Chair, Wilson Center’s Sudan Working Group
Gumbel, Peter, Global Fellow
Hakakian, Roya, Fellow
Harman, Jane, Director, President and CEO, Wilson Center
Harrison, Hope , Senior Scholar
Hathaway, Robert, Public Policy Fellow, former Asia Program Director
Heine, Jorge, Global Fellow
Hill, William, Public Policy Scholar
Hoffman, Bruce, Global Fellow
Holloway, David, Global Fellow
Hourcade, Bernard, Global Fellow
Hughes, Kent, Public Policy Scholar
Jaising , Indira, Global Fellow
Jentleson, Bruce, Global Fellow
Jian, Chen , Global Fellow
Jiang, Wenran, Global Fellow
Johnson, A. Ross, Senior Scholar
Jun, Ma, Global Fellow
Kalicki, Jan, Public Policy Fellow and Energy Lead
Kang, Seung Mo, Korea Foundation Junior Scholar
Kang, Sue Yon, Public Policy Scholar
Kihato, Caroline, Global Scholar
Koch-Weser, Maritta, Global Fellow
Kopits, George , Senior Scholar
Kornegay, Francis, Global Fellow
Krist, William, Senior Policy Scholar
Kugelman, Michael, Senior Program Associate for South and Southeast Asia, Asia Program
Kühnhardt, Ludger, Global Fellow
Kuiken, Todd, Senior Program Associate, Science and Technology Innovation Program
Kux, Dennis, Senior Policy Scholar
Lamb, Christina, Global Fellow
Lampe, John , Senior Scholar
Lavelle, Kathryn C., Global Fellow
Lee, Jean, Public Policy Fellow
Lins da Silva, Carlos, Global Fellow
Litwak, Robert, Vice President for Scholars and Academic Relations and Director, International Security Studies
Louis, Wm. Roger, Global Fellow
Lundsager, Meg, Public Policy Fellow
Makihara, Hideki, Global Fellow
Malinkin, Mary Elizabeth, Program Associate
Manriquez, Annie, National Security Fellow
Mascolo, Georg, Global Fellow
McGregor, Richard, Public Policy Fellow
McNulty, Robert, Global Fellow
Michel, Sonya, Senior Scholar
Milam, William, Senior Scholar
Miller, Aaron David, Vice President for New Initiatives and Distinguished Scholar
Miller, William Green, Senior Scholar
Millett, Piers, Global Fellow
Mirtchev, Alexander, Senior Scholar
Mudallali, Amal, Senior Scholar
Muyangwa, Monde, Director, Africa Program
Myers Jaffe, Amy, Global Fellow
Nanos, Nik , Global Fellow
Negroponte, Diana , Public Policy Scholar
Ostermann, Christian, Director, History and Public Policy Program; Global Europe; Cold War International History Project; North Korea Documentation Project; Nuclear Proliferation International History Project
Ott, Marvin, Senior Scholar
Ottaway, David, Senior Scholar
Ottaway, Marina, Senior Scholar
Palmer, Lisa, Public Policy Scholar
Park, Jin, Global Fellow
Pauwels, Eleonore, Senior Program Associate/Researcher, Science and Technology Innovation Program
Pilat, Joseph, Global Fellow
Pomeranz, William, Deputy Director, Kennan Institute
Ponomarev, Sergey, Former Peer 2 Peer Fellow
Ramakrishnan , Karthick , Global Fellow
Reich, Walter, Senior Scholar
Rejeski, David, Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program; Interim Director, Commons Lab
Reston, Jr., James, Senior Scholar
Rodenbeck, Max, Fellow
Rojansky, Matthew, Director, Kennan Institute
Roy, J. Stapleton, Founding Director and Distinguished Scholar
Rubio, Luis, Global Fellow
Ruble, Blair, Vice President for Programs; Director, Urban Sustainability Laboratory; and Senior Advisor, Kennan Institute
Saeed, Fouzia, Pakistan Scholar
Sassoon, Joseph, Fellow
Satti, Nureldin, Global Fellow
Schaefer, Mark, Global Fellow
Schumacher-Matos, Edward, Public Policy Scholar
Seaver, Brenda, National Security Fellow
Selee, Andrew, Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute
Sewell, John, Senior Scholar
Shirk, David, Global Fellow & Senior Security Advisor, Mexico Institute
Smolkin-Rothrock, Victoria, Title VIII-Supported Research Scholar
Sotero, Paulo, Director, Brazil Institute
Steel, Ronald, Senior Scholar
Strum, Philippa, Senior Scholar
Sui, Daniel, Public Policy Fellow
Sun, Joun-Yung , Senior Scholar
Taylor, Matthew, Fellow
Tolchin, Martin, Senior Scholar
Turner, Jennifer, Director, China Environment Forum & Manager, Global Choke Point Initiative
Vehkoo, Johanna, Finnish Scholar
Viarengo, Martina, Public Policy Scholar
Wang, Zhen, ECNU-WWICS Cold War Studies Initiative Scholar
Wang, Zheng, Global Fellow
Weinberger, Sharon, Global Fellow
Wells, Samuel, Senior Scholar
Wesely, Marissa, Global Fellow
Whittle, Richard, Global Fellow
Wilde, Alexander, Senior Scholar, Board Member
Wilkinson, Amy, Global Fellow
Williams, Paul, Fellow
Wolfensberger, Donald, Senior Scholar
Worth, Robert, Public Policy Scholar
Wright, Robin, USIP-Wilson Center Distinguished Scholar
Yalowitz, Kenneth, Global Fellow
Yusuf, Huma, Global Fellow
Zolotykh, Vladimir, Fullbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholar

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